Youth to Work

Helping prepare 18-29 year olds for the transition to work or further their education.

Nurse training Youth to Work
Preparing 18-29 year olds

Youth to Work

Youth to Work is an MSD based referral service aimed at helping youth and rangatahi prepare for the transition into employment or further education. 100% SWEET, Sport Whanganui and Te Oranganui work collaboratively to deliver a collective service focused on wellbeing and becoming work ready. The team works with clients aged between 18 and 29 years who generally have a history of employment barriers i.e., physical, or mental health barriers.

The programme offers a suite of opportunities around training and mentoring and workplace experiences. This is delivered through one-on-one support and pastoral care, and through small group facilitation when COVID permits. Youth to Work is another extension of the WDETT groups commitment to helping Whanganui rangatahi into sustainable employment, resulting in future proofing for Whanganui businesses and industry.  

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