Start it up!

Helping business start-ups to hit the ground running.

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Helping business Start-ups

Start it up

Ever wanted to start your business and be your own boss?

Do you have a great business idea or a side-hustle you want to take to the next level?

MyMahi, working in collaboration with WDETT, has partnered with MSD to create a start-up course just for you. This fully online course will guide and support you through an eight week course to get your business idea nice and polished. We will then help you develop a business plan ready for submission for funding, and next it is onto Stage 2, the best part, getting the business up and running!

Whether you have a side hustle under way or just an early stage idea, this course will help you learn the basics to successfully set up your business. We will avoid all the jargon and businessy language and just give you the "good stuff" you need to know to get things kicked off. We have all "been there, done that" so know how difficult and daunting it can seem.

But we are here to help make the journey easier while you get things off the ground!

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