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Mayors Taskforce for Jobs Whanganui

Mayor's Taskforce for Jobs

The MTFJ prides itself on being a network that consists of New Zealand's Mayors and their communities. With this collectively comes great knowledge and experience which is what makes us the strongest and best placed group to ensure all young people are given the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

The primary role of the MTFJ is to manage and connect the national network to ensure all Mayors are updated, informed, and connected to what is happening locally, regionally and nationally.

MTFJ Vision

The purpose of the MTFJ is to facilitate a supportive network of Mayors to allow each community to learn from the experiences of each other as they each strive to achieve the Taskforce’s Vision:

That all young people under 25 be engaged in appropriate education, training work or positive activities in their communities.

Rural Community Resilience Programme

The Mayors Taskforce for Jobs has partnered with the Ministry of Social Development to lead the Rural Community Resilience Programme. This Programme places NEETS (young people not in education, employment, or training), people living with disabilities and other disadvantaged people into work. This $14 million Programme will place over 1450 people into sustainable employment in rural communities throughout the motu.

People in rural New Zealand often face exacerbated challenges when entering into the labour force, these challenges include a lack of access to skill development pathways, driver licencing and testing facilities and a lack of access to employers.

The partnership is changing the face of local government and reinforcing that councils, led by their mayors, are well placed, and connected to their communities to facilitate local employment outcomes.  They have the boots on the ground, the local knowledge and expertise, to create solutions to the challenges that face their community.  Each council has a localised programme, which is unique to their own challenges and key industries.  Below is a video from Central Hawke's Bay District Council, who have created a mobile MTFJ Employment Hub by refurbishing an old campervan to engage with the community to link local people with local jobs.

The funding is flexible, which means that an individualised and local based approach is taken when supporting people into work. Funding can provide a wage subsidy for the employer to take on a young person, cover the costs of training (including driver licencing), tool/boot subsidies and other incentives. All councils are working closely with the Ministry of Social Development to ensure that there is no duplication of services or resource.

To find out more about the Mayors Taskforce for Jobs programme you can visit their website.

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