Port Employment Precinct Whanganui

Education, training and employment in Whanganui achieving growth.

Port Employment Precinct Whanganui
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Port Employment Precinct - PEP

The PEP contract facilitates and champions education, training, and support for improving employment opportunities in Whanganui, specifically around Te Pūwaha, the Whanganui port revitalisation project. Part of the WDETT group portfolio, the PEP proactively collaborates with Private Training Organisations, local businesses and industry, community support entities, schools, local & central government agencies in service of our diverse community. Tasked with supporting local people to upskill and obtain employment in local jobs, the PEP facilitates affordable training for employees and employers alike. Vocation education spans across classrooms, online learning, and on-the-job training. The PEP is working toward forecasting local training needs, evaluating opportunities to align with local businesses and industry for future labour market requirements, then establishing the training and professional development needed to fulfil any future requirements.

The PEP was established when Whanganui District Employment Training Trust (WDETT) secured a $1.5 million grant from the Provincial Growth Fund (PGF), administered by Kānoa – Regional Economic Development and Investment Unit, to contribute to resolving skill and labour gaps in the region. The funding was provided through Te Ara Mahi, a programme which aims to address long-term barriers to employment and provide pathways to education and skills training.

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